Kaleidomorphia - Kerby Rosanes

80 pages
25.5 x 25.45 cm
Nice white paper

Suitable for: pencils, markers, inktense, aquarel pencil with little water

This book opens with some coloured pages from colorista's from all over the world. Then you get a collection of the best colouring pages of previous books. There are no new pages in this book. 

It's printed on the usual paper of the Rosanes' books. Simply a good quality paper to colour on. You can work with pencils, markers, or even some aquarel if you don't use too much water. 

On my instagram you can find some coloured pages and who knows maybe you'll find more through this blog. For now the flipthrough. 

If you're interested in this book and buy it through the link below I get a small commission while you pay nothing extra. Thank you :)

Kerby Rosanes - Kaleidomorphia

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