The most beautiful colouring book ever! Rising by Karolina Kubokowska

This week the new colouring book from Karolina Kubikowska was released, June 12 to be exact. 

I had it on pre-order at and was super excited when it arrived this week already. 

I absolutely adore her books and drawings and follow her on instagram, facebook and everywhere I can find. 

It's that I cannot possibly follow all artists I like on patreon or I would be on there too!

So when I heard that she had a new book coming....yay!

So I unpacked the package....decomade always sends their books well wrapped in bubble plastic so they have always arrived in pristine condition. 

I had ordered this book and another book from a korean artist, which I will not be reviewing in depth, but you can find a flipthrough on my youtube. 

But this, just wow!

Rising, as the book is called, has a hardcover. And shining gold letters on the front with some embossing for the title. It's quite a hefty book as well. Partly because of the paper quality that is being used, but also because there are simply a lot of pages. 

It has over 40 images all printed on 150 g/m2 paper. Which is also quite suitable for watercolour which is what I normally like doing for her drawings. 

In the book she indicates herself that this is her most emotional book so far, because so much has happened in the three years that she was working on it. And while flipping thorugh it I get that. I get the emotions in the pictures and I get the lump in my throat with that the images make me feel. 

I bought it through there are also options through Etsy I saw already. 

Below the flipthrough, enjoy!

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