Colouring book flipthroughs - and other colouring thoughts - 25% off through October for Christine Karron

Picture by Christine Karron

Sometimes time just seems to get away from me. One moment I was finally standing in front of a 3,5 week summer holiday...and then I blinked with my eyes and it was gone. 

And I had planned a mountain of work....I was going to colour at least 2 whole books, redo my entire office...or well at least the paint work, and I was going to...

Well I think you can guess it....I didn't. I did get some colouring done, and I got some jobs around the house done, but time always seems to go too fast. And before you know it, it's fall again. 

I did have a nice pile of brand new (or at least new for me!!) colouring books still patiently waiting for me to video them so I'm now slowly working on that. 

Other than that I have a post coming up about Tombow Irojiten since I managed to get my hands on a set second hand. 

And then I have something planned about how you can colour in pages that have already been coloured and still make them yours. 

So keep an eye on the blog there's good stuff coming up!

For today, I have two flipthroughs of books I've been wanting, but hey you can't have everything...and especially not all at once!

The first book is the newest from Alena Lazareva. I follow her on facebook ( and she's been posting previews of pages for a while already. I had seen some really interesting and gorgeous pictures so I got the whole book. It does not disappoint!

You can get the book here:

The other book is one that has been on my wishlist for a while now. Characters through Worlds and Times by Christine Karron. I love her work, and I have 2 of her colouring books already. I also follow her on facebook and the small video's she posts about her water colouring her pictures are super brilliant. (

She also happens to have a major sale on her etsy page through October 2022. 

If you want to get the book through amazon, you can get it here:

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