Rooms of Wonder by Johanna Basford - review

I've had this book on pre-order about 2 days since pre-order was available. I've even had it on order from Amazon and Book Depository...that is how excited I was about this book. I love Johanna Basford books, somehow they are just so nice to colour. 

It's something about her drawing style, semi-realistic that allows me to just let my mind wonder, and not worry too much about how real the colouring is. Unless I want to, the drawings allow me to go both ways. 

This book promised to be one with a lot of detail and I sometimes hate that, because it means lots of fidgeting, but I also love it sometimes because it means you don't have to think about what to do with the background, because hey...there's stuff to colour. 

The book is the same size as the Worlds of Wonder book, and the paper is the same as well. This is different paper than Ivy and the Inky Butterfly, but it's really nice paper to work on. 

From Worlds of Wonder I know that many different types of colouring pencils work nicely, and you can also use a little bit of water and it will be fine. 

I got the english edition (where it says colouring on the front instead of coloring) and I think this one is always a tiny bit bigger than the USA version. 

There are 80 pages in this book and I already love most of them. Of course there are some pages which I normally call wallpaper pages. They are the pages that have a repeated pattern on them, and those are never my favourites. But I know there are some who adore those pages. 

Other than that this book has a pretty varried theme, there are pages with candy and pie, and there are pages with fish and under water scenes. 

You can buy the book here:

And below is a video flipthrough. 

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