Fairy touch of Magic - Klara Markova

55 Pages

25 cm x 20,5 cm
Nice creamy paper

Suitable for: Colored pencils, crayons, waterbased markers, light water usage

I love coloring books with witches, fantasy…fairies and generally anything magic.

I already had one of Klara Markova’s books so I knew her style and this is a book that has been out for a while, but I really just wanted to own this book and color the pictures in it.

I love her style, it’s always so cheery and bright. At the same time the pages can be somewhat overwhelmingly busy and then I don’t always know where to start and sometimes they become overly busy in the end because I’ve used too many colors.

All the more a challenge then of course!

I already owned one book from her, namely Fairy Miracles, and while I wish I had the funds to own all of the coloring books in existence I can only colour in one at a time.

This book has the same gorgeous paper as all of her books, a hard cover and many pages to color. The paper can be used with watercolor pencils, as long as you use water sparingly, water-based markers, or of course colored pencils and crayons.

The website states that there are 112 pages to color, that does come with a remark that half the pages are not full coloring pages, but more backpages of the coloring pages that have smaller pictures on there to color. Nothing wrong with that but watching the flipthrough is advised so you know what you’re buying :)

This book in particular has some fancy extra tricks in the back so that you can create some opening doors on certain pages. Which is incredibly cool and I will hopefully show that in a later video still.

Klara’s style is cheerful and bright and this book has all sorts of little witches flying around in the pictures. This book also seems to follow the seasons a little because there are clearly some Christmas pictures, some Halloween pictures, summer pictures, etc..

Her books can be bought through her website. (goes to an Etsy shop)

And while she does ship them internationally this does mean that they might come with a hefty postage on them. If I were to send it through Etsy to my house I would pay 11,90 on shipping.

So, for those of you who want to order them in the Netherlands. I ordered mine through Your Color Creations which saves at least a little on postage :)

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