Jolies Créatures - Maryline Weyl

34 pages 
29,5 cm x 21 cm 
150g white paper 
Suitable for: colored pencils, light water usage, water-based markers, crayons 

These books I had in my Etsy basket for a while already, but I kept putting it off to actually by them. But they now went up for Christmas sales 3 for 15,- euros and I am soooo happy that I got them. 

They are gorgeous. I have created a flipthrough for each of the books separately, and I will also create a blog item of them separately. This is mostly so they show up on the front page as separate items and that makes it easier to search for a specific book. 

I will however review all 3 books in this post and link back to this review in the other posts. First the technicalities. The books measure 29,5 cm x 21 cm. They have a soft cover, but the material is a bit of the plasticky type, not pleasant to color, but also not meant to be colored. The books do not have official test pages, but there are some mostly blank pages in the front and back that do not have drawings on them that can be used for this purpose. 

The paper is of a very nice quality (the Etsy shop says 150 grams) but the picture are printed on both sides, so not all materials can be used freely in these books. I would say that colored pencils, crayons and water-based markers are definitely a go. 

You can probably use watercolor pencils when you use the water sparingly, but I would not go for alcohol markers or watercolor paint full out. Unless you don’t care about the picture on the back. I also had a look around in her store for other items, and I generally like the art that she makes, in fact I might have to have a second closer look at the perpetual agenda that she has up for sale. 

The pictures in these books are gorgeous, I am looking forward to coloring some of them, I am mostly looking at Alice in Wonderland, but it depends on my mood I guess which ones I like best.

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