Wise Birds - Color Meditation

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During this meditation you will be taken into a bird paradise. A place where you can find yourself and where you can always return to charge your energy. But also a place where you can find an answer to your questions.

During the meditation you will be asked to visualize certain images. Most people visualize these images in color (or maybe not and you meditate in grey tones?) and the idea is that you can use those colors afterwards in the coloring page belonging to the meditation.

The meditations are written specific to a certain coloring page and can oftentimes not be used for other coloring pages. You can however do the same meditation multiple times, and color the page multiple times. It is entirely possible that you will see different colors each time you travel through the wondrous world of your mind.

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for the next 30 minutes.

Sit down in a nice position, such that you’re comfortable, but will not fall asleep.

And then start the sound file and let yourself be taken away by my voice.




The coloring page that inspired this meditation is a page from Johanna Basford’s free coloring book “Flourish”.

If you really like this coloring page (which would not be weird since Johanna Basford is amazing!) then you can find more of her coloring books through the links in the list below.

If you decide to buy one or more of her books through the link then I will get a small commission.

Coloring books by Johanna Basford

Link to the colouring page

Do you remember what colors your birds had? Have fun with the coloring page!

Page 6 of “Flourish” of Johanna Basford. You can download the coloring book from her website:


Meditation Text

Close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. Inhale calmly, hold your breath for a moment and then slowly exhale.

Even if you have never meditated before, follow my voice and let yourself be taken away to a safe haven that is made just for you.

Inhale, hold, and exhale…inhale….exhale…inhale…exhale.

Imagine yourself being surrounded by heather fields. As far as you can see there is grass and little purple flowers, some trees here and there, and small lakes that reflect the sunlight back to you. Inhale the air deeply. It smells lovely, like summer and warmth.

The sun is up high in the sky, but because there is a nice breeze it is not too hot.

Actually, it feels just right for you. 

Ahead of you lies a path, whereas if you look back you can see where you have been, but going back is clearly not an option. And actually this is ok, it feels good to move forwards.

You start walking. Around you the birds are whistling. It makes you feel all warm and glowy inside. One of the birds comes flying towards you. You hold out your hand and the bird lands on it. It looks at you with its head a bit tilted.

“I am the bird of wisdom, you probably have a question for me?”

You can hear the voice of the bird inside your head, beautiful and melodic. You study the bird while you think on your question. And then ask the bird your question without words. The bird seems to think for a moment. You feel the answer deep inside and realize you knew it all along.

The bird then opens its wings and flies away.

You too continue on your path. You follow the path around a curve and the landscape seems to change. There are slightly different trees now and also the flowers and butterflies are different here. In the distance you see something that resembles a pagoda. You see some of the most beautiful birds flying around a few Japanese cherry blossoms. Other colors than the one you saw before, but their singing sounds like a choir of angels.

Again a bird comes flying towards you. You hold out your hand and the bird lands in your palm.

“I am the bird of life, I’ve come to tell you a secret” the bird says seriously. So seriously that you secretly have to smile a little.

“The secret of life is breathing” says the bird. You think about this for a moment while you admire the bird and its colors. Then you thank the bird for its advice and let it fly away again.

Lost in thought you continue on the path. Around you the landscape changes once again. Actually it now almost looks like an English tea garden. The heavy scent of roses in full bloom hugs you closely.

The birds at this part of your journey seem to fly in couples. Two of them come flying towards you and you hold out both your hands. In each of your palms lands a small bird.

“We are the birds of love” they chirp in perfect harmony “Do you perhaps have a question for us?”

You think about the question for a moment. In the meantime the little bird from your right hand flies to the bird on your left hand. Apparently they couldn’t be apart any longer.

If you do have a question you can ask this to the birds now.

The birds look at each other and then they look at you. In all honesty you already had the answer to this question inside you all along as well.

The birds continue flying and land on a branch together.

You walk a little further and see the landscape change again. On your path you see a sort of wicker hut. The hut is open on one side and inside there is a bed. You’re not at all tired from walking, but decide to rest for a moment anyways since the bed looks very inviting.

Because it’s so nice and warm, and the breeze is so pleasant, you actually drift away to sleep. You dream about the birds and what beautiful colors they had.

As soon as you’re ready you inhale a bit deeper, wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.

Slowly return to the here and now.

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