Cloud Meditation - With Coloring Page from Floortje van Dort

Dream away and leave the world behind you. Full relaxation, that is what I hope to give with a color meditation.

During a color meditation you will be guided through a drawing. In the medita-tion you will look for the colors for that color page. 

You will relax, your breathing slows, your muscles relax and any tension will slowly release. The meditation will bring you a color palette that you can then use for the coloring page that comes with the meditation. 

The download packages in the webshop all include a Dutch sound file, an Eng-lish sound file, the meditation as a text file in both languages, and a coloring page when applicable. 

Not all color meditations have their own coloring pages. Sometimes I refer to freely downloadable pages from specific coloring book designers or I may refer to specific coloring books entirely. 

If you have never meditated, don’t worry. During the meditation you will get all the instructions. However, if you wish to read more on meditation I would like to refer you to this link I found online. It has a good explanation of the different types of meditation. 

For this meditation the colouring page was made specifically for KleurKracht10 and you can download it through this button:


The coloring page that this meditation is inspired by is designed by Floortje van Dort van Evolved Spirit and is a KleurKracht10 Exclusive, which means you won’t find it anywhere else. 

Floortje specializes in creating her work on a completely different canvas. She is a tattoo artist and her best work is literally done on other people’s skin!

Explanation and Instructions:

During this meditation you will be invited to visit a place where you can rest and relax. Where you can let go of the daily stress and just listen to my voice and re-lax. 

During the meditation you will be asked to visualize certain images. Most people visualize these images in color (or maybe not and you meditate in grey tones?) and the idea is that you can use those colors afterwards in the coloring page belonging to the meditation. 

This meditations is written specifically for this coloring page and is not suitable for other coloring pages. 

You can however do the same meditation multiple times, and color the page multiple times. It is entirely possible that you will see different colors each time you travel through the wondrous world of your mind. 

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for the next 30 minutes. 

Sit down in a good position, such that you’re comfortable, but will not fall asleep. 

Then start the sound file and let yourself be taken away by my voice. 




Close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. Inhale calmly, hold your breath for a moment and then slowly exhale. 

Even if you have never meditated before, follow my voice and let yourself be tak-en away to a safe haven that is made just for you. 

Inhale, hold, and exhale…inhale….exhale…inhale…exhale. 

Imagine there is a little orb of light forming in your stomach. 

It tickles a little, but warms you from the inside in a very pleasant way. 

Now let the little orb grow a little and split it into two orbs. 

Use your thoughts to push the small light orbs down to your upper legs. 

While the orbs descend you tighten the muscles in your upper legs for a mo-ment….hold…and then relax. 

Push the orbs further down past your knee, and let them warm the muscles in your calves. 

Then tighten these muscles…..hold…and relax. 

The lights now travel to your feet. Tighten the muscles in your feet….hold for a moment….and relax. 

The orbs bounce around in your feet for a moment and then travel back up. 

Passed your calves

And your knees

Through your upper legs. 

Back to your pelvis

Where they rejoin to form one light orb. 

Let the orbs move around your pelvis and stomach while you check if your legs are nice and warm and relaxed. 

Push the orb towards your upper body and flex your chest muscles….hold…..and relax.

Split the orb into two again and send each of the smaller orbs into an arm. 

While the orbs travel by your upper arms…tighten the muscles….hold….and relax. 

The orbs travel past your elbows to your lower arms. Tighten the muscles of your lower arms, hold……and relax. 

Let the orbs play in the palms of your hands, make a tight fist with your hands….hold…..and relax. 

While you relax your hands and arms the orbs slowly travel back through your arms past your elbows and back to your chest. Where they become one orb again. 

The orb now travels by your through, you hold your breath a moment….and ex-hale. 

The light travels behind your face and you feel your cheeks glow warmly. 

Tighten your facial muscles….hold…and release. 

Let the orb travel to your head. There it floats calmly in between your brains. 

Check if your arms and torso are relaxed. 

Keep breathing calmly and let the orb grow with every time you exhale. Until the light of the orb breaks out and envelopes you in a warm cocoon. 

At this moment you seem to watch yourself  from outside your body. Your body feels lovely and relaxed and floats peacefully in the light of the orb. 

All around your body the light takes on different colors and while you stare down at your body you are feeling relaxed and safe. 

You continue breathing calmly but with every breathe you inhale you absorb the light back into you. Where it reshapes as the bouncy orb. 

The orb nestles itself warm and feather light around your heart, where you know it will warm you from the inside out. 

As soon as you are ready we will slowly continue to reality. 

Take a slightly deeper breath. 

Stretch out your arms

Wiggle your hands and toes

And slowly you come back to the here and now. 

When you’re ready you can open your eyes. 

Welcome back. 

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