Escape to Christmas Past - Good Wives & Warriors

96 pages
18,5 cm x 18,5 cm
Good paper, a bit creamy

Suitable for: pencils, normal markers, fineliners, gelpen, watercolor with little water. Alcohol markers will bleed through. 

This book surprised me enormously. I had not seen any of the books from Good Wives and Warriors before. I had heard of them, but this was the first one I actually owned, and wow...this is totally my style.

The book is a bit smaller, but has more pages. There is a story line style and the pictures challenge you to use different techniques. When going through the book there are various pages where I can already see the colours in my mind's eye. It itches to start colouring, so keep an eye on this blog because around christmas you're likely to see some pages of this book coloured. 

There is one tiny little negative and that is that the paper is not bright white, but a tad creamy, but I guess that's personal taste. 

You can buy the book here:

Escape to Christmas Past - Good Wives & Warriors

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