Keepers of the Enchanted Forest - Julia Rivers

33 pages 28 cm x 22 cm Quite toothy white paper single-sided - black on back of page

Suitable for: colored pencils, light water usage, water-based markers, crayons, and I think you can use alcohol markers quite pleasantly in here, but do put something in between the pages.

I did not expect to love this book as much as I do, it was a cheapo book (not even 5 dollars from but in all fairness there was no way for me to get it in the Netherlands other than order it through and have it sent to me from the USA. I’m always amazed at how that works nowadays, within days you have your product…brilliant.

But anyways. This book has some brilliant design for the pagans among us to color. The forest sprites in this book are beautiful and to me they invited me to use all sorts of colors. The paper is quite toothy and is nice to work on with pencils. I am working on a review on the Bruynzeel Design pencils where I color a page in this book with those pencils.

The paper is not superthick but nice to work on. The pictures are inspirational and the price is right…what more would you want from a book. Watch the video and judge for yourself if this is a book you want to own :)

You can buy the book on amazon, and if you do so through my link I get a tiny percentage so I can continue buying new books to review.

Julia Rivers - Keepers of the Enchanted Forest

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