100 pages beatiful girls, alie express coloring book

47 pages 21,5 cm x 21,5 cm pleasant white paper double-sided

Suitable for: colored pencils, light water usage, water-based markers, crayons

First time ever that I ordered a book from Alie Express. I was looking to order the 50 Macaroon Brutfuners (I will post a review of those soon!) and I ordered this coloring book along. It looked like a nice coloring book, and somewhat my style.

So I got this book along with the pencils this week….and boy was it my style….or more it was Johanna Basford’s style…which is my style. It was exactly Johanna Basford’s style. Only then with a smiley girl pasted into the pages every now and then.

To be fair…they also stole some pages from elsewhere, but a lot of it seems to have come from secret garden.

Anyways…as for the book. The price was €8,93 including shipping. Which is not too bad. The book measures 21,5 by 21,5 cm and has 47 double-sided pages.

The paper is pretty ok quality, and the girls that are plonked in the pictures is a happy girl at least. There are quite a few pages that have parts pre-colored in happy rainbow colors.

There are pictures that are straight copies from Secret garden and then there are pages that have an Alice in wonderland theme, probably stolen from some other coloring book. All in all it is a happy book, but if you like these sort of images I would recommend to have a look at Johanna Basford’s books, and then specifically Secret Garden.

You can buy this book here: Alie Express

But if you want to buy the real deal, go to amazon and get Johanna Basford’s secret garden

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