Moonlit Vale (a mythical coloring & art book) - Annie Stegg Gerard

78 pages

21 cm x 21 cm
100 lb / 271 gsm Paper

Suitable for: colored pencils, light water usage, water-based markers, crayons

I saw this book and immediately was in love. The drawings are so gorgeous, and I just love her style. I ordered this book from her website, together with another one of her books of which I have the flipthrough scheduled to appear next week I believe. 

The book came with a vellum that you can place behind the pages to prevent bleed-through. The pages are perforated so you can take them easily out of the book, but I personally like keeping my books in tact. 

The drawings are absolutely stunning and I'm hoping to find time to colour some pages soon. Alas, so many gorgeous books, so little time!

I hope you enjoy the flipthrough. 

You can buy the books here: Gallery Gerard

She also has a facebook page where she posts videos and pictures of her process, and of her art work. 

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